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Jan 242014

IMG_6593Earrach timpeal an cúinne-Spring around the corner and 2 cd nua/2 new cds. Niall O Beaglaioch an iomathoir anocht sa Comortas Bonn Oir Seán O Riada Gold Medal Competition tonight’s competitor is Niall  Beaglaíoch.  Details of final, Hotel special rates, tickets etc now available on site. 7-9:00 on RnaG or online as per links below. Cuire chun ceoil  Forums, Competition,archives etc.   Prog can be heard for next 3 weeks at archive site below.

Logs for 716 here

Cláracha 4 seachtaine ansa thíos agus craoladh beo. 4 weeks prgs and live broadcasting here

Prog. available  online RnaG here.

RnaG/RTE eolas agus archives faoin gclár/info and archives re prog.

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