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Cabhair Teic


Cabhair teicneolaiochta / Technical help.

Is féidir taifead a dheineamh anois ar mórán gutháin póca agus ar ríomhairí nó innil bheaga taifeada.

One can record now on most mobile phones, computers and many small recording units.

Cuir an fuaimrian ar ríomhaire / Get the recording onto a computer.

Má tá do file size ró mhór (4mb nó níos mó) beidh ort é a laighdú.  Tá mórán cláracha ríomhaireachta saor in aisce chun é sin a dheineamh ar an idir linn.  Seo ceann ansa thíos..

If your file size is too big it may have problems loading and you may have to reduce it.  You can get many free programs on the internet to do this.  Here is a link to one.


Má tá trioblóid agat ag uaslódáil do thraic isdocha gur file type mí cheart é nó an file ró mhór.  Tá sé sin le leigheas go furaist ag an clár Audacity.  Oscail Audacity agus tabhair isteach ann do thraic.   Dein é easportáil ansan mar mp3′

If you are having trouble with uploading your file it is probably because the file is the wrong type or the size is too big.  Both these problems can be solved by the program Audacity.  Open audacity and ‘import’ your track. Then export it as MP3′

Má tá trioblóidí leanúnach agat gan réiteach, bain feidhm as an cnaipe ‘cabhair’ chun teacht ar máistri teicniúil an tsuíomh seo.

If you have persistent problems use the ‘Cabhair’ button to contact the administrator.

  7 Responses to “Cabhair Teic”

  1. you activate or start your own gallery by clicking add gallery and make it public (note private or friends only). then you upload your tracks. you do this by browse which will show you what is on your computer and double click the track when you find it in browse. Give the track its name please.
    Good luck

  2. Files uploaded just now 10 p.m. on October 15th but when I look at my wall it says each track was added 4 months ago, just checking that all is still okay with them please. Thank you.

  3. Hi Peadar,

    On uploading files can you let me know if it has to be uploaded as a video or audio .I have recorded videos butthey proving difficult to upload .

    Thanks ,

  4. I am having trouble uploading files can anyone help please, Leah Sweeney

  5. I wonder could we have more time to enter the competition as the files are too large and I cant seem to reduce them . Emma Crowley

    • Dont forget to use audacity of you need to change the file size or type. (link for free download on Teic page.
      MP3 is usually best
      on your page onsite click Media
      click music
      click upload and use either the box or select files for goimg to youe desktop

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