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Dec 052020
An Bonn Óir

Seo iad an 15 sa chraobh/ here are the 15 finalists. The adjudicators for Comortas Bonn Óir Seán Ó Riada 2020 are Mick Ó Brien, Laoise Kelly and Michel Mulcahy. Each did not know who the other 2 were until now. They all worked with 40 anonymous files each containing 5 tunes. Each, separately, sent me their choice 15 file numbers and i tabulated them with my producer. We found 15 had either 3 or 2 votes. There were many more with 1 vote. Please remember that this was based solely on the 5 tracks uploaded and i know at least one piper who was much better then the 5 uploads but that did not affect the final result. I must also say that i am very happy with the three adjudicators honesty and courage to undertake the task. There were several competitors that i heard myself and was sure they would make the final 15 and they did not! So take heart every one of you 25 that did not make that short list. It took you to make the competition and i am very grateful and proud of you for taking part. Seán Ó Riada would also be proud of you. Go maire sibh is go n’eirí libh. Go raibh maith agaibh. peadar

Jane Walls
Micheál Fitzgibbon
Fiachra O Ríogáin
Muireann Ní Shé
Eoin Orr
Peadar Gills
Colm Broderick
Éilís Needham
Gráinne Fitzgibbon
Emer Ní Scolaí
Alisha McMahon
Fionnuala Donlon
Hannah Lyons
Emma Benson
Donnchadh Mac Aodha
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